This is all software, that I use on a regular basis to remain anonymous on the internet. I recommend them for anyone that would like to stay anonymous. If you need help with any of these programs, send me a comment on one of my blogs, and I will answer your questions as best I can.

Tor Browser - Browser for accessing the TOR network. This is also how you get access to the Deep Web, and .onion links.

Foxy Proxy - Firefox Addon that allows you to change proxy with ease.

Selenium IDE - Add-on for Firefox for writing automation scripts.

ProxyCap - Software that encapsulates any program that doesn't support proxies, and routes the data through a proxy server.

AOL Browser - Since the AOL Client no longer works as a proxy, you can use the AOL browser software, login an aol account, and it will use AOL's internal proxies.

IPVanish Software - Uses openVPN and is a service. For $10.00 a month you can get access to IP's all over the world. Fast connections, not your average proxies. Will work for streaming Hulu and Netflix in other countries as well. Signup today for your free account. They also have support for Android devices as well with an app for Android, so you can route your cell data through a VPN as well. Really top notch software. Go here to signup.

Netzero Dialup Internet - Does your laptop have a modem? Is there a landline near by? Download the netzero dial up client, and you get assigned a US IP address, great for posting to craigslist and the like. Make sure you use a real landline to dial out. You cannot dial-up with VOip lines.

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