Friday, September 11, 2015

I Hope Everyone Enjoyed Their Labor Day: Here is a Free Proxy List so you Can Get Some Work Done, All Freshly Scanned!

Man Today was a rough day, My mom went to the hospital...Don't worry she is ok, we knew she had to do this, she had a lumbar fusion. One of the most painful back surgeries one can undertake. I have been staying with her all week and it has been really hard on me. I haven't been able to get any work done barely and I am at her every beckon call. I mean I am not complaining, but this is a crucial time in my life. I just quit my job, and I am my own boss. So far, I have been really disciplined both coding, and learning about new technologies, that could make my life easier. Anyways, I digress, Thank you all for listening, if you need to mess with someone, or be extra anonymous and setup a proxy chain, all of these proxies should be SSL compatible. Have fun, and happy hacking! Oh and Thanks for Listening!

Proxy Count: 95

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