Thursday, July 16, 2015

So What Do You Use Proxies For? and Free Proxy List HTTP, SOCK4, SOCKS5, & Connect

So what do you use proxies from this site for? Do you mess with people on BattleNet? Get around Chat room Bans? Post weird stuff on Reddit? Let me know! I think its really interesting. I use proxies for many things, I am a programmer, they are always good for testing, and depending on my physical location, I might be connected to a very restrictive firewall....Proxies are my only friends.....Let me know what you do with your proxies in the comments! Thanks for stayling loyal guys! I will be making a newsletter on this site soon, stay tuned to get free proxy lists sent right to your e-mail address! NO JOKE! FOR FREE! Until then enjoy this fresh new list of awesome proxies. Cheers guys!

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