Monday, May 9, 2011

Delete Hidden Flash Cookies Aka Local Shared Objects

Have you ever wondered why your favorite site is still tracking how many e-mail accounts you have created, or how many times you have viewed a video on YouTube, even though you are deleting your HTTP cookies with the browser? It is because of Flash. They have what is called Local Shared Objects or LSOs that allow you to be tracked just like cookies, but aren't as easily removed. With conventional cookies you can always clear your cookie cache from within your favorite browser, however with the plugin for Mozilla called BetterPrivacy, you are able to get rid of those hidden LSO files so that big sites can't track what you are doing so easily. Even advertisers take advantage of LSOs via Adobe Flash embedded programs. This is your best defense. You can set it so that it removes every Flash LSO file when you close the browser, this way in conjunction with clearing your cookies, you can do many things that you could not before. Experiment with this add-on and have fun. Create as many of those e-mail accounts as you want. This is the answer. Have fun!

Download this plug-in for Mozilla Firefox here:

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