Monday, March 7, 2011

Use Forum Proxy Leecher to Find Working Proxies

Forum proxy leecher is powerful software that allows you to scan for proxies. It downloads the proxies from a list on any proxy site, or proxy forum. Forum proxy leecher will also download attachments on proxy forums where the users submit proxies as an attachment to their threads. It is a very intelligent piece of software. The beauty of it is, you don't even have to pay for it. If you download the trial software, the only limitation is that you can only download proxies from 2 pages/urls at once.

You can download the trial here: Forum Proxy Leecher

Another great reason to download Forum proxy leecher is that it comes with a free utility bundled with it called Bleach. Bleach is a great multi-threaded way to test web proxy lists that you may have from any source. It scans files in the "proxy:port" format, and uses a 3rd party check called the "azenv.php". You don't have to worry about installing this PHP file on any web server. All you have to do is search Google for it and find someone hosting it. Once you have found it you enter it into the "Proxyjudge" field in Bleach's settings. Here is an example of a script that is installed on someone's web server that you can use for Bleach.

If that URL doesn't load for you, then that mean the proxy judge is down, and you have to find another one. If you need to find another one go to Google and search "inurl:azenv.php" without the quotes. This should pull up a number of different URLs that you can try. Try to find one that loads the quickest if you can.

One last thing I want to mention about Forum Proxy Leecher is your ability to add in more proxy site URLs so that you can have a better leech list than what it comes with. The sites that Forum Proxy Leecher displays are kind of outdated. I recommend adding your own sites that have proxies and see if they work better. In order to add your own sites, you need to close Forum Proxy Leecher and edit a text file located in the working directory. Click on the Start button in Windows in the lower left hand corner of the screen, then click Run, and type "C:\Program Files\My-Proxy\" without quotes and press Enter. If you didn't change your installation directory, this is the default directory that it should of installed to. Edit the file "customlist.txt", or "forumlist.txt" and you can add your own proxy sites to leech from. This is especially useful when using the Trial version because you are able to leech from better sites, and get a better quality of proxies. Have fun, and remember you shouldn't do anything illegal from public proxies, you can still be tracked.

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