Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Use PHP Proxy/CGI Proxy/Web Proxy To Bypass Firewalls

Web proxies are a great way to bypass firewalls. They are scripts setup on people's web server, that allow you to redirect HTTP traffic so that you can bypass your school, or company's firewall. I have gained access to MySpace, Craigslist, and YouTube while they have been blocked at certain locations. You can respond to messages, check your messages, and even engage in status updates, or even blog posts. Their is one problem with this method though, I have found that if the websites contain flash applications, or java applications that the embedded programs written in these languages will not use the PHP Proxy to access their data. This means that although you can check your messages on YouTube, or Facebook, you still cannot play Facebook games, or YouTube videos unless their destination servers have been allowed by your firewall. In most cases they are blocked as well, so you cannot do things like this. However, this is still a great way to bypass the firewall if all the traffic is HTTP requests. I recommend that everyone use these proxies when behind a very strict network.

Here is a free Web Proxy list: here

I recommend you visit that site, and see if any of those domain names allow you to access them from behind your firewall. If the above site has been blocked, I recommend writing down some of the domain names from a connection that isn't blocked, like your cell phone, and then trying to get access from behind the firewall. Have fun!

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