Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Using the TOR project instead of Finding Fresh Proxies

The Tor project is a great way to stay anonymous online. I love the fact that you don't have to look for fresh proxies just to stay anonymous. The Tor Project is an open source network software that allows you access to multiple nodes or tors as they are sometimes called, so that you may bounce requests off of them so that other sites or instant messaging clients do not know your true IP address. Although, I would not try doing something illegal with a Tor just because they are open nodes does not mean they don't know who you are. The Tor Project keeps a log of all traffic, and what people are actually doing with their nodes. However, this is a great solution for getting around IP restrictions or bans on your favorite forum or whatever. Stay anonymous and do it easy with Tor. Just download the free software, and its fairly easy to set up. There is even browser add-ons that the tor project has developed so that you can turn on tors for browsing, and turn them off just as easily. Its not the fastest system in the world, and is sometimes abused by spammers, so that they can get around restrictions. I think the Tor Project has been better about banning IPs of the users that our abusing their service. This is a great alternative to scanning for proxies all the time. Happy surfing anonymously!

If you wish to download the Tor Project software simply follow this link:

Tor Project Download Page

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